“Staging to Sell”!

When staging a home to sell, it is best to stick with neutral colors: white, beige, greige, and gray
as the base color. The walls should be neutral, so the home appeals to a wider range of buyers. Buyers always start to think about if and how their furnishings may fit in the new home. With neutral wall colors, the buyers can easily move in their furnishings which could be green, blue, purple, burgundy, or other. The neutrals that are used will also help create spaces that are cleaner, brighter, and even more spacious in appearance. Homes listed should be light, bright, clean, and ever so fresh in appearance.

When neutral colors are used, even neutral furniture pieces, it allows the accent colors to stand out and create visual interest and stimulation. When staging to appeal to buyers, selecting the right accent colors is also very important. Cool, calming colors, such as shades of blues, greens, and teal are good choices when you want to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Pastels can be used, but it is important not to create a space that is too feminine or youthful. Another option to consider is a “tone on tone” color presentation that works well in smaller spaces when you don’t want the accent colors to dominate the space. Always keep in mind that staging should never take the entire focus off the home being sold, the staging should compliment the individual spaces and help present each space in it’s best light so the home captures the interest of serious buyers.

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