Scheduling an appointment with a professional home stager before listing a home is crucial for multiple reasons. This appointment, often called a “pre-listing” consultation, can significantly impact the success of selling your property.

A professional home stager will provide an “expert assessment” of the property. The expert assessment will be objective, identifying areas that should be improved to enhance the overall appeal. Unlike the homeowner, home stagers have no emotional attachment, so they focus solely on the best way to present and market your home.

Along with their expert assessment, home stagers possess “design expertise.” Your home must be presented in the most aesthetically appealing way. A home stager may request that certain furniture pieces be relocated or removed. Minimizing the number of items in one room, including artwork, could make a huge difference. A change in the wall color, the flooring, or maybe even the color of the cabinets could also be recommended to increase the home’s overall aesthetic appeal to buyers. Highlighting the home’s strengths and minimizing the attention on the weaknesses are also important. If the property remains occupied, the home stager may recommend a “hybrid” staging, simply a combination of the owner’s furnishings and items that belong to the stager.

Scheduling an appointment with a home stager and receiving professional guidance can reduce stress. When a professional home stager provides recommendations they know will make your home more appealing and attract buyers, homeowners can feel confident about listing their homes. The objective is to present the property in the best light so it captures the attention of buyers and sells faster and for more than properties that have not been staged. Properly staged properties have an increased perceived value and often receive the highest offers from buyers.

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